Balgram, Govindwadi, Georai, Beed, MH, IN 9763031020

Our Mission

Our Mission statement
“There shouldn’t be any child without a loving and caring family.”

Our Vision is to

  • Reduce number of children at Orphanages by
  • Creating all means ( such as building relationships with adoption centre and foster homes) so that a child can either be adopted or supported by needy but strong and love giving families
  • Strengthening single parent families by giving them social and economic support so that they can take care of their child with love and affection
  • Educating families on gender equalities so that girl child is not sent to Orphanage
  • Supporting drought impacted farmers families and make them independent
  • Transform children at Balgram into responsible citizens and good human being.
  • Create all means for children to take healthy education
  • Focus on overall development of children