Balgram, Govindwadi, Georai, Beed, MH, IN 9763031020

Our Projects


In a wide stretch of almost barren land, a 3-acre plot comes alive with hope and hard work. This is the home for about 107 children in the age group of 3-18 years. They eat together, play together, and go to a nearby private school together in their own special school bus. They are full of ambition and hope that Santosh and his wife Preeti inculcate in them.

These children might have encountered each other’s company by accident but they share their love and sorrows. They are family and Balgram is their home.


This is a new project started recently in Aurangabad. This is a home for all children above 18 years of age from Sahara Anathalay Pariwar. The main objective is to

  • Provide all possible means to children to take higher education, vocational courses, etc.
  • help children to start earning for themselves upon successful completion of their education/higher studies
  • introduce children to challenges in outside world, mentor/coach them to overcome these challenges
  • provide children with all life skills tools so that they can start living their respective lives independently and dignity