Balgram, Govindwadi, Georai, Beed, MH, IN 9763031020

Our Story

How it started?

Santosh Narayan  Garje, the founder of AAI foundation, is born in the family of a poorsugarcane labor in Maharashtra’s remote village Patsara located in taluqua Ashti district Beed. He lost his elder sister during childbirth. In his early age, as he took careof his newly born niece, the thought of thousands of such orphan, helpless children inthe society struck him. This inspired him to start “Sahara Anathalaya Pariwar ” in2004. Initial he started with 7 children, in rented house. He faced lots of problem in those days but these problems couldn’t break his determination.

Priti joins Sahara

Priti Thul, a middle class girl from Yavatmal district of Maharashtra got introduced to Santosh in one of the Youth festivals during her college days. After listening to Santosh’s story and his work she immediately fell in love with him and his work. Apart from the opposition from society Priti was determined enough to join Sahara family and extend her hands to help Santosh to work for children. In month of November 2011 both tied the knot and started their journey. Children from home got their mother.

Sahara In Rented Home

Sahara family was living happily with peace and harmony in their life fighting all the ups and downs in their journey. However, there were still few difficulties like no home of our own. Once, the landlord asked Santosh to vacate the home over nightly. Children had spent a night in Dharmashala with no food to eat. All family was shattered and the clouds of disappointment started to swallow peace and joy from life of these innocent children.  Somehow family managed to find a new home but it was still a rented house, a house from where they can be kicked out anytime. Santosh started working hard to get children home of their own.


In 2011, three kind and generous personalities, people with love and affection in their heart for children, Mr. Harish Jakhete, Mr. Mahendra Jakhete and Mr. Sushil Pipada came forward and helped children to get a 3 acres land outside of Georai. This act of kindness has brought some relief but it was still a challenge to build a safe habitat for children.  In 2014, owner of Next Furniture, Mr. Ranjit Kakkad stepped in and contributed in construction of first home for children. Also, Swaranadanwan an Orchestra of differently abled people from Anandwan performed in Aurangabad in charity show to raise funds to build this home. This place was later named Balgram. Children have now got home of their own, now no-one need to worry of spending a night out in the world without shelter.